A Submissive Woman

I have been sitting here for what seems like weeks, but it’s only been a few days since my Sir has..we well.. he’s gone.. I am alone.

A Submissive woman, without a Dominant.. and it is so frustrating..not knowing why.. what to do..ho h to react to what has happened..it’s not fair.

I want to yell..scream..pack my my bags..hop a train and head West, see where it goes. But that’s not reality..

What is, Nadu, meditation..self love..a and working on me. My whole being.. I still cry, God I cry..for a Sir..my Master..my  Daddy.. I yern to be called his Good Girl.. I need to hear it from him 🥀🖤 🥀

Please Mr.C come home.. you are loved and missed 🖤🥀🖤